Crab veggie fried rice


Cooked rice -5 cups(should be drier than rice for eating purpose)

EnglishCucumbers-1 (cut into very small pieces)

Carrot-2 (cut into very small pieces)

Crab meat-2 packs (cut into very small pieces)

Eggs-4 (make scrambled eggs)

Veggie cooking oil

Black pepper

Chicken stock

Fish sauce

Pour some veggie cooking oil in the frying pan in medium heat. Add rice in the pan and stir fry till the rice getting little bit drier

Add crab, cucumber, carrot, scrambled eggs into the rice, stir fried all of them till cooked

Add chicken broth, fish sauce, black pepper. Mix well for 3, or 4 minutes and done


xu xu xao thit lon

XU xu got sach vo, cat doc lam 4, thai lat ko qua mong ko qua day

Thit lon cat lat

Sauce: bot ga knor, dau hao, sesame, xi dau, duong, tron deu trong mot bat rieng, co the them mot chut nuoc

Mo cho vao chao nong gia, cho thit va xu xu vao xao mot chut

Cho hon hop sauce vao xao cho chin toi,